Background of Audrey’s Network

Audrey’s Network includes Bay Area bioscience professionals from all sectors who are working in broad array of functions in the industry. The group originated, first, with members sourced from Audrey’s UC Extension intensive courses in Bioscience Business and Marketing (now numbering over former 1,250 students), the Syntex Syva Alumni Association, the Bio2Device Group (now has over 1,000 members) and other industry professional groups and individuals with whom Audrey has worked. She began communicating with large numbers of individuals regularly via email—sending her comments on events, notices about jobs in business and marketing, advising about resources, market research and reports available on the Internet and providing information on industry meetings. Eventually, others began to refer to being in Audrey’s network and that stuck. 


Over the past five years, the values of the network evolved from Audrey’s interactions with the members in and outside the classroom. They include:

  • “What goes around comes around”—each member needs to contribute to the community of members to build a vibrant network for themselves and others
  • Treat others as you would have them treat you
  • Always show respect in your actions and communications
  • Take responsibility for your own career
  • Learn from your mistakes and try again—evaluate each completed project and ask “what can I do to improve on this in the future?”
  • Develop trust through your honesty and ethics


The life sciences industry is a small industry where one’s reputation is critical to success. One needs to deliver the promised goods or demonstrate the sincere, ‘best” effort in trying to deliver the products even if they fail at achieving the business objective. It’s a very high risk proposition but offers great rewards beyond the monetary. It is truly like no other industry. One becomes excited and passionate about improving health care and its delivery for patients.


The mission is to assist industry professionals continue to keep up-to-date in their fields through “sharpening the saw” regularly and building and maintaining a vibrant network. Audrey recognized in her career experience and, especially, after being laid off from Syntex in 1993 after 20 years that the work place and the old paradigm of finding and keeping employment had drastically changed. One needs to be prepared to move on to the next position at any time and stay current, learn new as well as renew skills and knowledge to fill the needs of this dynamic marketplace. The employee has to be proactive in investing in continuing learning and nurturing a network of meaningful industry contacts. The usage of Linked In to identify contacts via Internet is not enough and in this age of  “social media,” one must never forget importance of whom you know in person as well as what you know.