Consulting Services

Through Erbes & Associates, Audrey seeks to use her broad and in depth pharmaceutical experience to fill gaps in marketing “know how” in both newly emerging companies with no marketing staff and rapidly expanding companies with some staff.  While emerging companies have the need for consultants to provide a broad spectrum of functional skills equated with a "marketing voice at the table," rapidly expanding companies need dependable, experienced individuals to fill gaps in staff capability, management and  implementation skills.

Her expertise is invaluable to those charged with market research, strategic planning, product planning and management, technology assessment, communications, investor relations, business development, licensing and commercial product development. She brings strong background of success in helping scientific and development staff better understand the commercial side of the company, resulting in a more effective workflow between R&D and business professionals.

She offers one-on-one consulting in accomplishing individual marketing and business projects in collaboration with company staff.  Examples include:

Marketing research for decision-making—when, what and how
Product opportunity assessments
Prioritization of products in pipeline
Identification of an appropriate business model and strategic plan
Provision of ongoing product planning 
Competitive, market, and business intelligence at industry meetings
Management support at investment banking conferences
Due diligence on potential partners
Development of company and product strategy, positioning and tactics
Preparation of marketing plans 
Identification of opportunities and contacts

She also provides onsite courses, seminars and colloquia to develop the staff’s applied business and marketing knowledge and skills.